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Ayahuasca Journals from Brazil and Peru 2007 - 8

2007: Early days with Auyahuasca: a very rough start, working through difficulties, working with a fake healer, and some very dramatic adventures in the world of ayahuasca. If you just want adventure stories try and

2008: Opening the heart, a gradual unfolding: Notes on Drinking Auyahuasca in Brazil and Peru in 2008.. During my second year of working with "The Vine of the Gods" I had more subtle, but equally profound experiences than I did on the first year as well as the usual commedy of errors, like the time . . .

2011: Short introduction to ayahuasca including where to drink it in Peru.

On another page is the story of my time in Peru, where I learned more about ayahuasca and came to know the mescaline-based drink called San Pedro.

If you want to just look at the pictures from Peru go to: .


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