In 1919 Riddle Coach and Hearse became the Riddle Manufacturing Company. They had big plans, but in the end decided that the risk of expansion was too much and the company closed in 1926.

This article appeared in the local paper on Dec 4, 1919.

The Local Industry Expands

The citizens of Ravenna have had many reasons to feel proud of the great increase of industries that have located or are about to locate in this city but none have created the intense degree of satisfaction as the announcement that the Riddle Coach and Hearse Company will materially increase its facilities.

This company, the outgrowth of H. W. Riddle's genius put Ravenna on the commercial map many years ago and its product has won a nation wide demand.

It is consequently a self evident fact that the growth of the company should be coincident with the growth of the nation and that fact is what has induced outside capital assisted by local experience to invest in the business with the intention to push it to the fullest possible extent.

Papers for the new incorporation have been filed with the Secretary of State at Columbus and call for a capitalization of $1,000,000. The organizers not only propose to develop the manufacture of funeral cars but will also engage in the building of limousines to carry the pall bearers and the members of the family and friends but ultimately will manufacture custom made bodies for all makes of automobiles. It has become increasingly popular for the owners of cars to have bodies of their own design and selection placed on their cars and this idea
promises unlimited possibilities for a management as experienced as the
Riddle Coach and Hearse Company in body building.

The new company will be known as the Riddle Manufacturing Co., and will take over the business of the Riddle Coach and Hearse Company with capital on hand sufficient to buy in quantities and thus be able to compete in body building with any of the companies specializing in that line.

Local men represented in the new organization are C. G. Bentley, president of the Second Nat ional bank who will be president of the company, H. W. Riddle Jr. who has grown up in the business with the Coach Co., will be vice president and George H. Robinson for thirty-four years associated with the Coach company and knowing He business from the ground up will be secretary, treasurer and business manager.

The new capital in the company are E. W. Aument of Grand Rapids, Mich., and W. C. Thornburg and L. B. Tucker of Toledo, men well known in blocks of stock in the enterprise.

The change in ownership also involves a change in location. The present buildings of the Riddle Coach and Hearse Co., are not nearly large enough to accommodate the proposed expansion of the company and besides they are to far from suitable railroad connections.

Modern business methods calling for the highest business efficiency demands railroads facilities and a site will be chosen alongside one of our railroads.

Plans are still to be worked out in detail but there is every promise that building construction will be commenced next spring.