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From the archives of Mary Fitz-Gerald Riddle.

June 25, 1908


oak stName of Ravenna Thoroughfare is Changed by Action of Village Council.

At a meeting of the village council Monday night, an ordinance was passed formally changing the name of Oak St., to that of Riddle Ave. It will go into effect as soon as the law allows, necessary delay being made or publications, notices, etc.

The change was made in response to a petition signed by a number of residents along Oak St., asking for the change. It was desired to do this as a compliment to H. W. Riddle, who has done considerable for Ravenna and who also owns property along that street. Some opposition to the idea developed, however, and on Monday, night a counter petition was presented asking that no action be taken. Those who signed this petition were Dr. Griffin, W. J. Allen, Cora W. Hart, Carrie G. Esty, Mrs. Hattie Beckwith and Linda Dice. It was argued that there was no necessity for the change that the name had stood as Oak St., since the town had started and therefore was a part of the town. Attorneys A. S. Cole and I. T. Sidall were present and argued in favor of the change. The ordinance was passed with but one dissenting vote.

Mr. Riddle was highly pleased with the action of council and is making preparations to make the street one of the finest in Ravenna in the course of time. He says he does not wish to inflict any hardship upon property owners of the street in improving it but wants to help all he can to improve it. In time, it is expected that Oak St. I will be set out with fine trees its entire length thus making it a beautiful thorough-fare and a credit to the town.


Pasted onto the same page of the scrapbook was this article:

"Uncle Henry" It Is-

Someone has suggested that all the people of Ravenna call H. W. Riddle "Uncle Henry." Part of them already does so. It doesn't hurt Mr. Riddle's dignity at all. He rather likes it. As Mr. Riddle is a sort of a father to the town he will now be known as “Uncle Henry" for him from everybody.

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