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This article appeared in the Record-Courier on June 2, 1938.

Ravenna's First Graduate
June 2, 1938

Emily in 1891

One high school student finished  in 1861 and one hundred and seventeen in 1938 tells its own story of educational growth in Ravenna.

While the "co-ed" as such was not yet in the vocabulary, she was present in fact in the public schools, and in Ravenna, wrote her name first on the honor roll of graduates.

To Miss Emily Robinson, sister of the late Judge George P. Robinson and who later married Henry W. Riddle, sr., went the honor of being the first student to complete the course of study adopted by the Ravenna village high school in 1857. But because the school had not yet been incorporated, she did not receive her diploma until a year later, 1862, when she was invited to take part in the anniversary program with Miss Hattie Keen Lewis, the second student to finish the course. It was therefore on record that she was the first graduate of the school and that she and Miss Lewis were the first ones to receive their diplomas.

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