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Pictures from Gabon Journal

Gabon has many kinds of music. Within the school that I studied in, every day I heard chants, songs, and incredible drumming. My favorite music though was the m'congo, which is what I'm giving you here.

This isn't music to dance to. This is music to lay on your back and listen to very carefully. When I hear it I think of a lightning fast spider scurrying across the biggest web in the jungle. Other times I think of racing across the universe at warp speed. If you have a good ear you'll pick up the harmonic. Listen to composition for a few minutes and then guess how often the harmonic occurs. Then listen while looking at the second hand of an analog clock. You'll get a surprise.

In Gabon my fellow initiates agreed that m'congo music was non-different than iboga.

1. A three minute and 3 megabyte mp3 sample.

2. Twenty minutes of the same musician, 9 megabytes.

Generally this music either in live or in taped form would be playing all the time. We never got tired of it.