Introduction to Tibet pictures

High Resolution Pictures of Mt. Kailash, Mount Everest

Lhasa, and a few pictures of Tibetan Temples

©Tom Riddle, 2007.

I've been to Tibet three times— once in June of 2005, in September of 2007, and in September of 2015. All three trips lasted about three weeks. Here you'll find a selection of my favorite pictures from my first two trips. The pictures taken in 2005 were taken with the Canon G6. In 2007 I hauled a professional SLR camera, the Canon 5D, to Mt. Kailash, the Everest Base Camp, and around Lhasa.

You are welcome to read an updated journal of my 2005 trip around Mt Kailash. To document my 2015 trip I made a Youtube movie.

If you are curious to learn more about Mt. Kailash, I’ve typed in an excerpt from Steven Batchelor’s out-of-print Tibet Guide.

You can view each picture in a conventional 800 pixel-wide size or in a larger 1400 pixel size. Every picture has a caption.

There are four sections:

kailash Everest Lhasa temples

Mount Kailash —smaller, 800 pixel pics or larger, 1400 pixel pics)

Mount Everest Base Camp (from Tibet), 2007: smaller pictures or larger pictures.

Lhasa, 2007featuring the Potala and the Jokan Temple: smaller pictures or larger pictures.

A few pictures of Tibetan Temples — smaller pics or larger pics.