About Me


These days I travel all over the place taking pictures and making movies. For a long time before that I traveled and worked in a variety of jobs. Part of my working story is below. If you want a resume, look here.


As soon as I completed my university studies in 1974 I joined the US Peace Corps and spent the next four years
teaching English and Science in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga.

with vietnamese refugees

In 1980 I started working in the refugee processing centers that had been set up in Southeast Asia after the end of the Vietnam War. I did that, first in the Philippines and then in Thailand, until 1985. In the processing centers I taught English and developed curriculum.

with untac

After graduate school at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and then teaching anthropology for a year, in 1993 I went back to Asia, this time with the United Nations in Cambodia. In Cambodia I was what was called a "computer liaison officer."

HPU Spring 1999

In Cambodia I found that I liked working with computers so much that I decided to teach them, this time at Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu, Hawaii. That continued until the 20th century ended and technology reached the point where it become possible to edit movies on a laptop computers. I've told that story in the equipment section of this page. You'll see the shirt I'm wearing in the next picture as well.

filming in Laos

Because I was one of the first people on the scene with a digital movie camera, I was in high demand and was hired by non-governmental organizations in Laos, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Filming in Rishikesh 2014

Here I am in Rishikesh, India, in early 2014.These days the equipment has gotten much better and smaller. But the importance of sound and image quality and good editing have stayed the same. I spend part of every year in Asia.

with drone

The latest piece of equipment in my bag is a drone with my GoPro Hero3+ camera. It is like having a flying steadycam.