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Bangkok Girls on Bikes

High resolution pictures of Bangkok girls on the back of motorcycles.

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People say that Bangkok has the worst traffic in the world.

One way that residents of Bangkok use to get through the traffic quicker is by traveling by motorcycle—either their own or on the back of a motorcycle taxi. Motorcycle taxi drivers, some of whom are women, always wear an orange vest.

Using the Canon 5D Mark II, I've tried to capture some of the glamour and terror of riding on the back of a Bangkok motorcycle.

There is, by the way, a helmet law in Bangkok. Unfortunately it is not enforced. These pictures are also available in a larger resolution.

girls_on_bikes_01 girls_on_bikes_02 girls_on_bikes_03 girls_on_bikes_04
girls_on_bikes_05 girls_on_bikes_06 girls_on_bikes_07 girls_on_bikes_08
girls_on_bikes_09 girls_on_bikes_10 girls_on_bikes_11 girls_on_bikes_12
girls_on_bikes_13 girls_on_bikes_14 girls_on_bikes_15 girls_on_bikes_16
girls_on_bikes_17 girls_on_bikes_18 girls_on_bikes_19 girls_on_bikes_20
girls_on_bikes_21 girls_on_bikes_22 girls_on_bikes_23 girls_on_bikes_24
girls_on_bikes_25 girls_on_bikes_26 girls_on_bikes_27 girls_on_bikes_28