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I. Personal data •

Riddle, Thomas A.

The best way to contact me is through e-mail: thomasriddle@gmail.com .
Home page: http://www.Thomasriddle.org featuring pictures and movies from around the world.
Youtube channel with various movies, http://www.youtube.com/user/thomasariddle

II. Education

  • Course work in Digital Video
       Bay Area Video Coalition, San Francisco, California, 2002, 3, 4, and 5. Classes included Basic Video Production, Camera Techniques, Lighting, and Editing.

  • Certificate in Desktop Publishing
       University of Oregon, Continuing Education Center 1996

  • Master of Arts in Anthropology,
       University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1989 (Ph.D. course work completed)

  • Bachelor of Arts, English and Education
       Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 1974


Microsoft Office (taught Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access to American university students for 3 years), Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe Premiere CS 6(movie editing), Adobe After Effects CS6, Adobe PhotoShop CS6, Adobe Encore CS6, and Adobe InDesign CS6.

III. Summary of Professional skills and/or expertise.

As will be explained in “work_experience,” I have spent most of my career working as a member of a team in some form of humanitarian relief or education-based project in the developing world. Have excelled as a teacher, writer, and computer support person.

IV. Summary of relevant work experience.

Computer Consultant and movie maker 1999 to the present

Highlights include:

  • Working for the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) to train their staff in Microsoft Office, to design a database to be used to keep track of bombs and munitions, and to clean up their computers. MAG sent me to the northern province of Xiangkong (the Plain of Jars) and to the southern province of Saravaghn.
  • Teaching page layout in Laos, Indonesia, and Nepal. At the end of the class students were able to reproduce the formatting of articles from popular magazines.
  • Teaching Adobe Premiere Pro and digital movie production to the staff of two NGOs in Laos. At the end of the ten-day course the students premiered their work to their peers and supervisors.
  • Teaching PhotoShop and digital photography to the staff of an NGO in Laos and Indonesia.
  • Producing photo libraries for two NGOs in Laos and one NGO in Indonesia.
  • Editing a 45-minute movie for an NGO in Vietnam and then training that same staff in PhotoShop.

As part of my consultancy work, long before Youtube, I produced many movies for Non-governmental organizations. Highlights include:

  • a 30-minute fundraiser for a school in Bodh Gaya, India, an abbreviated version of this movie is on my Youtube channel.
  • a 17-minute fundraiser for a learning center in Laos.
  • a 40-minute movie to explain a health care project in northern Laos.
  • a 20-minute promotional piece for a Buddhist temple in Thailand.
  • a 25-minute performance piece for a professional dancer.
  • a 19-minute teacher-training movie for an NGO in Indonesia.
  • a 12-minute movie about a survivor of the tsunami in Indonesia.
  • a 23-minute movie that documents the programs of an NGO in Laos.
  • a 17-minute movie for a small development project in India.
  • Four DVDs and assorted movies for a yoga school in Australia.

After Youtube forever changed how people make and view movies, I have continued to make movies, some of which are on Youtube, but can be seen easier on my home page, Thomasriddle.net .

Computer Applications Class teacher, Chaminade University and Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu 1996 to summer 1999.

  • In this course students were taught the skills they would need to produce reports, spreadsheets, computer-based presentations, and databases in their university and professional careers. Applications included Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. The emphasis was on hands-on production skills. Students were also introduced to the Internet.

Writer, Thailand 1994-95

  •  Wrote three novel-length books, see publications.

Computer Liaison Officer for the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC), 1993

  • Worked with 17 electoral trainers as the in-house computer consultant and graphics designer. Produced training materials to illustrate voting procedures. Designed the voting ballot that was reproduced eight million times for the election.

Data entry Supervisor for UNTAC, 1992

  • In charge of training 240 data entry clerks. Clerks were taught how to enter voter registration data and query the database in a UNIX-based system consisting of 90 terminals linked to a minicomputer. At the completion of training, supervised 80 data entry clerks who entered data on the 4.8 million people registered to vote in the 1993 UN-supervised election.

Computer Analyst for UNTAC, Cambodia, 1992

  • One of two computer analysts working under the chief programmer in a project to gather statistical information for the election. Duties included daily database entry and retrieval, inventory control, report writing, training, and computer troubleshooting and maintenance.

Database Designer, Robinson Memorial Hospital, Ravenna, Ohio, 1991

  • After consulting with hospital staff, designed and implemented a database program for tracking high risk patients and the medical equipment assigned to them.

Freshman English and Anthropology 101 teacher, Kingdom of Tonga, 1989

  • Instructed students at `Atenisi University in English composition and Anthropology 101, Human Adaptation.

WordPerfect Teacher, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1988

  • Taught WordPerfect to hotel staff as a part of the Sheraton Waikiki's in-house training program. Developed curriculum, weekly lesson plans, and the final evaluation for this ten-week course.

Refugee Camp Worker, Southeast Asia, 1981-1987

Originally sent to SE Asia as a United Nations Volunteer, worked in various positions around refugee camps in Southeast Asia. Duties included:

  • Cultural Orientation teacher. Taught skills that refugees needed to facilitate their smooth entry into American society.
  • ESL School Manager. Supervised and trained 21 Vietnamese and Cambodian English teachers in a program run by Save the Children and funded by the United Nations.
  • Curriculum developer. Produced lesson plans and the book Writing Back, described below.

Peace Corps Volunteer, Kingdom of Tonga, 1974-1978

  • Taught English and Science in the middle and high schools of Tonga.

V. Publications

The Fire has Jumped: Eyewitness Accounts of the Eruption and Evacuation of Niuafo'ou. (My interviews make up about one third of the book.) Institute of Pacific Studies, University of the South Pacific. Suva, Fiji, 1986.

Writing Back. (Excerpts from the letters of newly arrived Southeast Asian refugees in the United States.) The Experiment in International Living in Brattleboro, Vermont. 1986.

Cambodians in Hawaii and Their Relation to Employment and Welfare. (One of my graduate school papers.) 1988. Available on the ERIC database, file number ED309772.

Cambodia Interlude, Inside the United Nations' 1993 Election (White Orchid Press, 1997)

Various articles for the Bangkok Post, including a four-part series of articles on digital movie making.

VI. Languages

Native North American English speaker

Tongan, speaking, reading, and writing. Score of four (fluent) on FSI test.

Thai and Spanish tourist-level speaking.

VII. Other

No relatives working in international humanitarian organizations. References, all of whom can be contacted by E-mail, available upon request.


--Tom Riddle, 2014