The Pictures

On my Flickr channel, you can find a huge range of pictures. Links to some

of the albums on that channel are below with a few links to pictures that are

not on Flickr.

Historic Ravenna, Ohio . A variety of historic pictures from my home town.


The Panoramas
-- magnificent views from New York to Tibet.

Bangkok Girls on BikesBangkok Girls on Bikes (not on Flickr)

Pv SchoolPrajna Vihar School, India (on Flickr) You can read more about the school here.


Buddha StatueBuddha statues from Thailand and India and Laos (Flickr)

Sattal Ashram, India (Flickr)

ChennaiHypnotic Stone and Bronze Statues from the Government Museum Chennai (Flickr)

tongaPictures from the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga in the 1970s (pdf)

Because I was hired to make movies for Non-governmental Organizations who worked with children, I took many pictures of children, the best of which I have posted on Flickr:

Tibetan childrenTibet


Indonesian childIndonesia

Mother and childIndia